Who We Are

We are a full-service, small publisher located in Boise, Idaho. Our goal is to discover authors who have not been able to find success with big name publishing firms, yet who have a strong story that we can help cultivate. We are not a vanity publisher, expect a high standard of writing from authors we represent, and authors incur no costs whatsoever – we revenue share once the book sells.

What We Do For You

  • Answer your questions.
  • Evaluate your submission & offer critique & encouragement.
  • Work with you on revisions.
  • Develop a professional front and back cover with your input.
  • Professionally edit your manuscript and discuss changes we feel are needed in collaboration with you.
  • Professionally proofread your manuscript through multiple readers.
  • Obtain ISBN numbers (print & digital.)
  • Submit advance reader copies and solicit Beta readers.
  • Format and Typesetting of manuscript.
  • Submit for print and conversion to e-book formats.
  • Establish price point and establish a pricing range with you.
  • Assign free and promotional opportunities.
  • Send you a proof copy for final inspection/corrections.
  • Secure and assign an Internet domain name for your book.
  • Develop book web page to market your book.
  • Assist you to develop a Facebook author fan page.
  • Work with you on development of social media markets including Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Develop and submit press releases, media marketing materials, articles, self-generated marketing items to general and specific media markets.
  • Set up author interviews and book signings locally, as available.
  • Make copies of book available to you at cost. (Note: You have no obligation to purchase any.)
  • Submit semi-annual sales reports to you.
  • Encourage you to write more books.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds of editing need to be done? 

  • Would I be charged if additional editing is required? We offer a fixed book production rate, however the author is not liable for payments. As the book sells we first recoup our costs and then royalty share with you based on a fixed arrangement. We aim to get a great book out and each book is different and requires differing levels of editing. I cannot say how many rounds of editing may be needed.

Will I have any input on the final naming and look of my books?

  • Yes – we work WITH you. We will make suggestions based on our experience. As the writer you can express your ideas, although the goal of working with BYCT is for our experience and we hope you will trust our judgment.

 I don’t see BYCT quoting reviews from anywhere other than individuals and Amazon. Are review copies sent to newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, and online book review sites? 

  • We send reviews , articles, videos, sample copies, bio sheets and more to the above named outlets. In addition, we target independent bookstores and specialized stores. We are always in the process of getting feedback. As for an online book review site, they are either paid or comprised of individuals who read the book. We have quotes from people who read the book and were not paid.  Right now we are focused on getting our books (both in print and e-formats) to as many people as we can, to get their reviews and quotes. Like all things, that does take a lot of time.

 How are covers designed? 

  • We have professional graphic designers working on our covers and print layouts. Graphic art comes from a variety of sources including original designs and composite works. It all depends on the look we are after. Authors are included in the design process.

 Why does the BYCT catalog appears to only contain a handful of titles?

  • This does not constitute any kind of track record.  BYCT Publishing is a relatively young company. We were formed in January 2013. That is not a secret. The formation of this company is based on the experience of the key players and those backing the company. This experience spans decades of writing, editing, graphics, sales and marketing both in the field of books, newspapers, magazines, as well as digital formats. With our recent acquisition of new titles, expect to see the number of books increase rapidly. Many of our titles are series titles which are very popular with readers.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a mainstream publisher?

  • Absolutely. We believe our company to be your #2 option for publishing available. The likelihood of you getting a mainstream publisher as a new author is slim. I won’t depress you how slim, but here is a quote from a best selling author, Ian Irvine who wrote: “Lesson 1: Got expectations? Lower them. Feel free to write the most beautiful, thought-provoking words in the English language. The public will feel equally free to ignore them. Here’s the sad truth: most people who write a book will never get it published, half the writers who are published won’t see a second book in print, and most books published are never reprinted. What’s more, half the titles in any given bookshop won’t sell a single copy there, and most published writers won’t earn anything from their book apart from the advance.” Read the whole article – it answers a lot of questions http://www.ian-irvine.com/publishing.html

 What does your contract specify? 

  • Our contracts offer many choices. They run from a one year to a five year term, the latter offering a higher net royalty share after costs. Many publisher contracts run longer. The reason we want a set period is to be sure that after we have provided all the services you see on our services page, you do not just say “goodbye” and go sell your professionally readied book elsewhere. We sink in over $6000 worth of services that we only recoup as your book sells. Nothing is billed to you at all. We are not publishing dictators – we work with you from start to finish, a collaborative effort. During the period of the contract we want your book to sell well. You can renew the contract if you want. If not, 60 days written notice and you are done and your book is no longer exclusively ours to sell. We can still sell it, and you still receive royalties (under our ISBN), but you can also sell it elsewhere. Since we are a business built on reputation, it would defeat the point to create a negative image or the wrath of writers posting across the Internet. In this age of mistrust it is easy to pull anything apart. We have tried to be as upfront, transparent and clear about how we work. If we have missed anything let us know. We will post the answers here.

It looks to me like you are a fairly typical vanity publishing deal:  

  • the publisher takes total control of everything, the writer pays for a list of incidental expenses and the publisher provides little real service to the writer. I am not sure what site you are looking at. You are not describing our company at all. We do not have total control over everything. The writer pays no incidental expenses. We provide a lot of services. Vanity Press publishers charge a fee, require certain book quantities to be purchased by the author, and they will print anything submitted since they make their money from the fees. Our authors have no costs. We earn our money when the book sells and we still share the royalty with no hidden fees or costs. In addition, unlike Vanity Publishers, we decline a vast majority of what is submitted. What sets us apart is that we tell you why we could not publish it – authors get a lengthy response which we hope will assist them in refining their work. We welcome resubmissions, but we do have a high standard of what we accept.

If you have a question you want answered, CONTACT US  at: info@byctpublishing.com and we will reply promptly.


You will need to complete the form and attach your writing. This form acts as your permission for us to evaluate your work. [Note: Use of a Release Form is standard practice, allowing people to read your work. You are not giving up any rights by including it and your work may not be used for any purpose. We will not read anything with out the submission agreement included. It will be immediately discarded.]

Once we have evaluated your writing, we will let you know what we think of it, the next steps, if we are able to publish your writing. You should hear back from us within three weeks. If it takes any longer, we will notify you – we know you are anxiously awaiting a response.

Any questions? Ask all you want.  Email:  info@BYCTPublishing.com

If the form below is not working click HERE.  Good luck!  We look forward to reading you.

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